The 2020 Workshop on Approximate Computing Across the Stack

Welcome to the 2020 Workshop on Approximate Computing Across the Stack (WAX)! WAX is a venue for research focusing on computing with unreliability and inexactness. It will be at ASPLOS on Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

Approximate computing is a research direction that asks how computer systems can be made better—faster, more efficient, and less complex—by relaxing the requirement that they be exactly correct. Approximation arises from sources as diverse as sensors, machine learning algorithms, and big data applications. Approximate systems raise questions from across the system stack, from circuits to applications. WAX is a venue for discussion, debate, and brainstorming on all of these topics.

We encourage all papers that introduce system-level approximation, or use software and/or hardware systems to manage the tradeoffs between accuracy and performance. We particularly seek contributions that apply system-level approximations to the emerging domains, such as machine learning and autonomous systems. We plan to have sessions for position (work-in-progress) and recently published papers.

The deadline for submitting the papers is February 10, 2020.

See the call for participation for more details.