WAX 2016

WAX 2016 Program

Conference A, Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center

Sunday, April 3, 2016

9:00–9:15am: Opening and introductions

Be ready to say who you are, where you’re affiliated with, and why you’re at the workshop.

9:15–10:00am: Keynote by Matthai Philipose, Microsoft Research

Continuous Mobile Vision: Why and How to Perform Computer Vision on Video from a Wearable Device

10:00am–10:15am: Lightning talks 1

10:15–10:30am: Break

10:30–11:15am: Session 1, Architecture

Talks are 10 minutes each. There will be a 3-minute (short!) moment for questions immediately afterward; in the rest of the time, all the speakers will be available to answer more questions from attendees.

11:15–noon: Session 2, Connections

noon–1:30pm: Lunch with discussion groups

We’ll select topics for discussion over lunch, assign groups to [topics][], and choose a scribe for each group. The scribe will be responsible for reporting out from the discussion after lunch.

1:30–1:45pm: Discussion report-outs

Each group’s scribe has a few minutes to lead discussion on the results from the lunch topic.

1:45–2pm: Lightning talks 2

2–2:45pm: Keynote by Naveen Verma, Princeton

A Look at the Hardware: What Can Approximation Buy Us, and How Can We Cash In?

2:45–3pm: Break

3–3:45pm: Session 3, Mechanisms

3:45–4:30pm: Session 4, Accuracy

4:30–5:00pm and thereafter: Debate